Las Vegas Bee Control

Our staff has been providing bee control and bee removal services around the Las Vegas area for over 16 years. Our business is family owned and operated, and we take great care of our customers with personalized pest control bee services. Whether you have a mild infestation or a serious colony of bees surrounding your home, we know how to safely and effectively remove them from your property. As one of the leading pest control companies, you can rely on our extensive expertise to ensure the best results for your home. 

Guaranteed Bee Removal Results

Our bee hive removal service will keep your property free and clear of unwanted bees for the long term. Unlike other bee removal companies that rid your home of bees only to have them return shortly after, our bee removal techniques are effective and long lasting, and our services are guaranteed.

At Tri-x Pest Management, we know how to provide specialized bee removal services based on the species of bee that is inhabiting your property. We perform a wide range of different bee removal services including Africanized bee removal, live swarm removal, hornet removal, honeycomb removal, honey bee removal, and wasp nest removal. 

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Contact us now to receive a free estimate for bee removal services. We will come out to your location, evaluate the situation, and provide a custom strategy that keeps your property free of bees.

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