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Cockroaches are the most common pest around the world and they are everywhere. It is estimated that there are 4,600 species of roach, 25-30 of which are associated with human habitations.

Roach Control Services

Roaches can be disturbing to find in your home, which is bad enough, but they are also known to carry a number of diseases, which is why getting a professional roach control and removal specialist is so important. Controlling roaches is important because they can help spread disease and dirt around a home and cause businesses to lose their reputation or even be shut down.

Most Common Cockroaches In Las Vegas


American Cockroaches


These make up the BIGGER species. If you’ve ever met a roach in your home big enough that you considered naming it (and subsequently considered putting your house up for sale) good chances that it was either an American or oriental roach.

Roughly measuring 1″-2″ in length, these guys can be found underneath sinks, along baseboards, in low cabinetry, horror movies and your nightmares. They are identifiable by their dark colored bodies and the waxy sheen on the winged backs. Generally, they don’t sting or bite, but your nerves may never recover from the first time you accidentally crush one with your foot.


German Cockroaches

These are the smaller roaches that live in Southern Nevada. In fact, German roaches are the most common roach in the USA, which is reason enough to eliminate them from your home. These roaches are tan or light brown, measure about 1/2″-5/8″ inches in length, and mainly feed at night. They reach reproductive maturity in about 100 days and a mated pair can produce up to one million roaches.

Also, given their elusive eating habits, it can be difficult to detect them in your home until they already have a sizable population – talk about freeloaders! German roaches mainly feed on human food, but can survive for months on simple starches found in furniture glue and book bindings. Brown-banded roaches are less common and are easily identified by the pale brown bands that can be seen stretching across the wings of the adults. Neither of these roaches bite or sting.


Turkestan Cockroaches


Commonly misidentified as American or Oriental, these roaches are very prolific in the Las Vegas valley. They are found in irrigation control boxes, water meter vaults, roots of trees, landscaping bricks, and other dark moist places around a home or business.  Adults are an inch to an inch and a half long, males can be a rusty brown/red color, and females are black. The males are also capable of flying. Younger Turkestan Roaches are brown in front, black in the rear, and are wingless.


Tri-X For Roach Control

Protection Against Las Vegas Cockroaches

At Tri-X Pest Management we always treat the outside of the property with a product that leaves behind a long lasting residual pest barrier. Inside, we address all infested areas, especially kitchens and bathrooms. New formulations of roach baits have given us an advantage in the war on bugs. These baits are in a gel form and can be easily and safely applied to the inside corners of cabinetry and moldings. Call us today for a free estimate and we’ll make sure your property is cockroach-free for years to come.

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