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Although some may think that little mouse scurrying across your floor may be cute, rats and mice are a global concern. Rodents have lived near humans for centuries, causing most of the major plagues in history. They can reproduce at alarming rates, carry diseases, and cause structural damage to your property. 

Rodent Control Services

To stop a rodent problem from growing into a rodent infestation, it is important to fully understand the facts about the common types of rats and mice in the Las Vegas area. It is also imperative to spot the signs of rodent activity early and to know how to keep your home from becoming a rodent haven. 

Rodent Entry Points

The easiest way rats and mice get into our homes is to just squeeze through an existing vent or a gap in the weather stripping or foundation. If the space is big enough to fit your thumb then it’s big enough for a rat to get through. 

Rodent Droppings

Rats and mice eat almost anything they can find; human food, pet food, insects, worms, paper and even other rodents when times are desperate. Along with this adventurous eating, they are also frequently defecating which can lead to contamination of our food and living areas. Even the tiny house mice can produce an average of 50 droppings every day. 

Rodent Damage

Rodent teeth are sharp enough to grind through a cinder block, wire & glass. Their teeth are continually growing and their constant chewing is necessary to manage the length of their teeth. Not good for your home or business!  Even if there is no readily available entry point, if your home looks inviting enough, most rodents can create their own opening. 

How to Prevent Rodent Infestations

The best defense in rodent control is always a strong prevention program. There are many things you can do around your home to keep it from becoming an attractive place for rats and mice to seek shelter.

Remove clutter and debris

Pay special attention to the area around the foundation of your home. Do not keep wood, brick or other debris piles stacked against the foundation of your home.

Trim back trees & landscaping

Trees and shrubs that touch your home can become easy access points for rodents. In addition, shrubbery should never touch the ground as this can create sheltered areas for rats and mice to hide or nest.

Clean up your yard

Dispose of all yard clippings. Fruit trees are a special favorite of rodents. Make sure to pick fruit often and throw away any fallen fruit. Also make sure that your trash can lids are secure and stored away from the walls of your home.

Pick up after your pets

Don’t leave uneaten pet food sitting out and store unused pet food in sealed metal containers (rats can chew through plastic). Pet waste is also a food source, so make sure to clean up after your pets!

Make sure your home is tightly sealed

Screen vents and chimneys. Replace worn weather stripping around doors. Fill any gaps around pipes & drains with steel wool, cement mortar or caulking. 

Professional Rodent Control

If you have tried the above rodent prevention steps or have attempted to go it alone without success, it may be a good idea to contact a professional. Quick reproduction rates and savvy survival instincts can make rats and mice a difficult problem to eliminate without assistance from a rodent control professional. The rodent experts at Tri-X Pest Management are here to help. Our licensed technicians are trained to identify and eliminate rodents commonly found in Las Vegas area homes and businesses. Our rodent control professionals start with a thorough inspection to determine the type of rodent, entry points, likely nesting spots and the size of the population. We then work with the homeowner to determine the best plan of action to address the current rodent problems and to prevent future rodent infestations.

At Tri-X Pest Management customer safety and satisfaction are top priorities. Our goal is to give you the best pest control service in Las Vegas by using top-of-the-line product and equipment that is effective and safe for people and pets. Our promise is to deliver an exceptional customer experience and, most importantly, to get you affordable pest control with outstanding results. We earn your business with each service. We would love the opportunity to protect your home and family! Give us a call today to get back your peace of mind!

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