Types of Scorpions

Learn about the most common types of scorpions found in Southern Nevada.

desert hairy scorpion

Giant Desert Hairy Scorpion

Much larger than it’s cousin, the Arizona Bark Scorpion, and gets over five inches long. Their venom is considered weak, but if stung you may get some swelling. If you have reactions to insect bites or stings be extra cautious. They are very dark on their back and head.


Emperor Scorpions

Emperor Scorpions are popular in the pet trade making them one of the most widespread types of scorpions. Emperor Scorpions can grow to be 7-inches or more in many cases though they are typically not considered dangerous due to their weak venom. 

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Arizona Bark Scorpions

By far the most dangerous. They love to hide under tree bark, palm trees, leaves and debris. Bark scorpions are the only climbing scorpions. The sting by the bark scorpion can cause an allergic reaction that can be fatal to the very young or old. The venom is neurotoxic and can cause numbness at the sting site, fever, increased heart rate, restlessness and other symptoms. They are small in size. Adults can reach almost two inches in length and have long thin pincers.

Keeping Your Home ScorpionFree

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