Types of Spiders

Learn about the most common types of spiders found in Southern Nevada.

brown recluse

Desert Brown Recluse

Typically light brown and lighter colors, the Brown Recluse is a small spider that prefers to dwell in undisturbed spaces. Though a Brown Recluse has a dangerous venom, they do not typically bite unless cornered or threatened. 

cellar spider

Cellar Spider

Cellar Spiders, also known as Daddy Long Legs, include over 1500 species of spiders with similar characteristics including long legs and small torsos. You can find cellar spiders handing in garages and cellars.

black widow pest control

Black Widow

One of the most well-known spiders, the Black Widow is known for the distinct red-orange markings on females. Black Widow females are bigger. and poses a more potent venom than their male counterparts. 

desert tarantula las vegas

Desert Tarantula

While most Tarantulas are pretty docile, the sight of a hairy Tarantula in your home might still be alarming. Despite being docile, the Desert Tarantula Spider still has a venomous bite similar to a bee sting.


Sac Spider

The Yellow Sac Spider is one of the most common types of Sac Spiders but other Sac Spiders may be tan, brown, or even dark red. Sac Spiders are known to be more aggressive, biting humans and delivering a non-lethal venom.

wolf spider

Wolf Spider

Wolf Spiders are solitary spiders that are more likely to be found outside your home in burrows rather than webs, but they have been known to move indoors in search of food. 

Keeping Your Home Free and Safe From Spiders

Most spiders you run into in the state of Nevada mean you no harm. The majority of spiders either won’t bite or don’t contain enough venom to hurt humans. However, if you’re experiencing excessive amounts of spiders on your property, have a licensed pest control specialist inspect your property right away. If you’re unsure of any spider you spot in your home, call us immediately so we can help you properly identify it.

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