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Pest control at your place of business or commercial building should be the least of your worries. However, maintaining a business that is completely pest free can be a challenge. An ever growing landscape, expanding city limits, and other factors play a part in the growth of pest populations in Las Vegas. Tri-X Pest Management understands this, and is qualified to handle any commercial pest control need large or small.

Working with a qualified and experienced pest management company is essential to ensure that your business is totally pest free since infestations of insects and vermin can negatively affect consumer confidence and employee performance. We’ve seen it all in our over 16 years of experience in Clark County. When it comes to rapid and effective commercial pest control in Las Vegas, Tri-X is the best.

Commercial Pest Protection

Office Building Pest Control

office building space pest control Part of a healthy productive workplace involves employees staying hydrated and well nourished. Whether in your break rooms, or in an employee’s desk, it’s imperative to clean and sanitize areas regularly. We understand that people in the office love to keep snacks in their drawers, but that just increases the opportunity for ants to find a source of food. Office buildings, especially state or municipal offices have regulations that must be followed when it comes to pest management. In any public building, Tri-X Pest Management is attentive to these requirements of office building pest management procedures and has organic or other treatment methods that are less invasive to public settings.

Warehouse Pest Control

Warehouse Pest Control Warehouse pest control is a rigorous and ongoing process, especially in warehouses that contain sensitive materials such as food and beverages. Some of the most common pests in warehouses that you’d need a professional pest control company include rodents, flies, and cockroaches. Mice, rats, filth flies, stored product pests, fruit flies, pest birds, cockroaches, and other invasive pests can spread illness and disease in a warehouse. It takes careful inspections, good sanitation, properly installed deterrents, regular cleaning of all traps, rigorous documentation, and a knowledge of how these pests live, breed and nest. Don’t let your warehouse be shut down or your products recalled. Get year-round pest protection from a cutting-edge pest management company like Tri-X Pest Management. We take the hard work out of pest control and exclusion, and will help your warehouse pass audits and inspections.

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With over 16 years of pest management experience in Clark County, we have the knowledge and tools to provide top rated pest control services. Our team is ready to go above and beyond to guarantee you a pest free environment. Click HERE to schedule your free pest inspection today. Same day appointments available, and we offer the most competitive pricing options.

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