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 In southern Nevada, we most commonly see paper wasps which may become aggressive if disturbed. They have the ability to sting multiple times, and some people are highly allergic.


Wasp Control Services

 Eaves, soffits, and gutters on home exteriors are popular wasp nesting spots. Flowers and plant life attract them to yards, as do patios and other outdoor eating areas with crumbs or sticky soda spills that are not cleaned up. Garbage cans that are not properly covered and regularly emptied also attract wasps that are seeking sources food. Properties with abundant insects and spiders provide ample prey for both developing and mature wasps. Contrary to popular, but inaccurate beliefs, nests left behind by wasp populations that die during the cold weather months are generally not reused by subsequent generations of wasps.


Wasp Removal Process

InspectionFull inspection of your property to identify locations of wasp nests and sources of food

Removal Of NestsDepending on the situation, we may use wasp traps, insecticide, and/or physical removal of the wasp nest

ExclusionPreparing the property to keep wasps away

EducationWe explain the behavior, diet and habitat of wasps and how this information will be helpful


Professional Wasp Control Experts

 Do-it-yourself treatments are available but are usually not as effective in removing stinging insects. And, it can be very dangerous. Plus, these products may contain pesticides that can be harmful to people and pets if they are misused or mixed improperly.

That’s why your best option is always to contact the wasp removal professionals at Tri-X Pest Management. Our goal is to help you in the shortest time possible, causing you the least inconvenience while eliminating your stinging insect problems in the most cost-effective manner. Call us to handle your wasp problem.

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