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Solar Panel Protection

Solar panels perch perfectly a few inches off of the roof of your home, providing pigeons with just the right amount of space to dwell underneath them cozily. This room allows for several of these birds to hang out simultaneously, giving them shade and shelter from potential predators. In addition, the height and location of these solar panels is an ideal spot to land and take off. Solar panels are the perfect places for pigeons to build a life, given that they are safe and sheltered.

Pigeon excrement is extremely acidic and can actually break down your solar panels and roof. In addition, they carry more than 10X the amount of disease than rats. The nests that pigeons build in the shelter of solar panels also attract many other pests, including insects, rodents, and other birds. Leaving this are vulnerable and unprotected can lead to an infestation quickly.

When you have spent time and money picking the perfect solar solution for your home, it is crucial that you protect that investment by preventing any potential pest problems. Removing nests and cleaning droppings is extremely difficult after the panels have been put in place. It is best to install prevention methods before the pests even become a problem. If you have recently had them installed and want to prevent pigeons from making them their home, let us help!

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Eric with Tri-x has been a god sent for me. I am a property manager and manage hundreds of properties, Eric is always readily available to service from my smallest to biggest unit. He has helped me from roach infestations, to bedbug problems. He is very easy to work with and professional, he makes my job easier. I even use him in my own home, I called him when I saw a spider, believe I have not seen any bug since

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Before Tri-x, we had a persistent rat problem that two other companies had failed to solve.  You could hear the critters consistently in our attic.  Yuck. Tri-x solved this issue for us very quickly.  They come in and check on our traps regularly, without having to constantly remind them (unlike other exterminators).  Very highly recommended!

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Eric did our pest control years ago and our family and friends still trust him to protect their homes and families today!

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