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They may look creepy, but rest assured knowing that most of the spiders you encounter in your home are completely harmless. From the Jumping Spider to the Wolf Spider to the Tarantula, most spiders are actually useful in keeping other pests off your property such as flies, ants, and cockroaches. However, spiders go where the food is; if you’re frequently finding spiders in your home, there might be a larger problem than just a lonesome spider who wandered through the crack of a door.


Spider Control Services


Tri-X Pest Management will help determine your spider control issues and provide you with spider extermination and elimination techniques to keep your home remain pest free.
There are several reasons a spider might make an unwelcome house visit: Whether it’s for food, shelter, protection, or it simply hitched a ride on something that was brought into the house, Tri-X will know how to manage your spider pest control.


Keeping Your Home Spider-Free


A home that is not kept clean is an invitation for several other pests like roaches, ants, and other bugs. These are pests that spiders feed on. If your home attracts insects, it’ll also attract spiders. Keep your home clean by removing food crumbs, cleaning up spills, and disinfecting surfaces. Also be sure to vacuum and dust regularly to rid your home of any potential eggs or nests that might not be in plain sight.

Spiders are happiest outside, but when weather conditions are extreme, spiders might set sight on your home for protection and egg-laying. When the weather changes, be sure to spider-proof your home by keeping unscreened doors and windows closed, seal cracks and crevices in walls and floors, keep your home clean, and minimize the use of outdoor lights.

Sometimes a spider is just minding its own business and ends up in your home through no fault of its own! This tends to happen when an outdoor item such as firewood, plants and flowers, or storage boxes are brought inside. To avoid this, thoroughly check outdoor objects for spiders, nests, or eggs sacks before bringing them into your home.


Types Of Spiders In Nevada


Most spiders you run into in the state of Nevada mean you no harm. The majority of spiders either won’t bite or don’t contain enough venom to hurt humans. However, if you’re experiencing excessive amounts of spiders on your property, have a licensed pest control specialist inspect your property right away. If you’re unsure of any spider you spot in your home, call us immediately so we can help you properly identify it.

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