3 Ways To Prevent Pest Problems

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Do you know the best way to prevent pest problems on your property? It may seem counterintuitive that we are suggesting ways to avoid having any pest issues to begin with, considering we make our living getting rid of them after they show up. However, our priority is to ensure that your home or business remains pest-free, and the best way to achieve this is through prevention. 

If you have found yourself dealing with an unwanted insect infestation, or you are simply wanting to take proactive measures in order to not encounter this, these tips to prevent pest problems may be helpful for you! When dealing with an active infestation, we do recommend that these tips be utilized in conjunction with professional pest control services. Please feel free to reach out to our team of experts here at Tri-X Pest Management if you have any questions or concerns, or to book a service! 

1. Restrict Access

If you see any suspicious pests lurking around your home, give them the boot! Send them a pink slip. Kick ‘em out of the club. Whatever you want to call it, it is important to remove any existing pests from their spots when you notice them and to track down access points where they may have entered. 

Over time, houses shift on their foundations, creating cracks and gaps where insects and other pests can enter. Another place to check for gaps is around pipes, doors, windows, laundry vents, and utility meters. These may be harder to spot immediately but are extremely important to close off. 

Be careful to not leave your windows or doors open for an extended period of time, especially with no screen in place. If you do have a screen and plan on leaving them open, ensure that any holes or tears are patched promptly. Close your garage door as soon as you enter or leave your home as well, to eliminate another access point for pests.

2. Remove Clutter

Pests like particularly safe perches, and hiding in and around clutter can definitely keep them safe and hidden for quite some time. In order to ensure that there are not creepy crawlers hiding out, remove the clutter and tidy up the rooms. It may also be beneficial to clean your yard up, as debris, plants, trimmings, and more can all be nifty, safe little spots for pests to make their homes. Removing these can reduce the areas that pests are able to hide in.

Another action you can take is to eliminate extra moisture or standing water, clean up pet poo, keep your trash in bags and in the can. These can all contribute to pest-proofing your home.

3. Revoke Sustenance

Pests need food and water in order to survive. If they do not have consistent access to these items, they are less likely to stay for very long, if at all. If pests can access edible goodies within your house and not have to brave the big world outside, your home becomes that much more appealing.

Just as food is essential to life, so is water. Most pests only need minuscule amounts of water, some only requiring the condensation that gathers on the window on a brisk morning. Regardless of how much they need, their home must have a consistent supply. Ensuring that there is not a pooling of water in any nook or cranny within your home plays a big part in the efforts to keep your place pest-free. 

There you have it, three ways to prevent pest problems! If you need additional assistance or if you have a current infestation that needs to be addressed, get in touch with us today!

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