Scorpions You Will Find in Las Vegas

Mar 16, 2023 | Pest News

Unfortunately, we are currently in a Las Vegas infestation with these creepy crawlers and some pose a serious risk. There are three types of scorpions you will find in Las Vegas, and they all have these things in common; eight legs, two claws, and a long, segmented tail with a stinger on the end.

Let’s discuss the types of scorpions you will find in Las Vegas and how you can differentiate between them.


Types of Scorpions

  • The Arizona bark scorpion, is 2 to 4 inches long and can be yellowish-brown to tan in color. Bark scorpions may invade dark and quiet places in the home. In addition to stinging, they can birth up to 30 scorpions at a time.
  • The desert hairy scorpion, this is the largest scorpion in the U.S. growing up to 5 1/2 inches in length, and has yellow legs and a dark brown body. Stings by desert hairy scorpions are quite painful, and a female desert hairy scorpion can birth between 25-3 scorpions at once.
  • The striped-tail scorpion, looks similar to an Arizona bark, but it has tan stripes on the back of its tail. Not as venomous as its cousin the desert hairy scorpion and birth between 16-47 scorpions at once

If you see even one of these scorpions on your property, inside or outside, you need to contact Tri-X Pest Management. They are the professionals and can get rid of those creepy crawlers, because as stated earlier, some pose a serious risk.


Don’t DIY Scorpion Pest Control, Get Tri-X

Using a household insect killer only takes care of a small portion of infestations for a temporary amount of time. You may think you’ve gotten rid of the problem only to find out there’s more where that came from. A professional scorpion pest control service like ours is necessary to guarantee the issue is resolved. Tri-X Pest Management has specialized training and over 20 years of experience dealing with scorpions so you can rest at ease.


What You Can Do

To help avoid encounters with scorpions in and around your home follow these prevention tips:

  • Eliminate standing water
  • Seal cracks and crevices, especially around doors and windows where they can gain access to your home
  • Inspect cabinets, closets, and other dark places on a regular basis
  • Clear away brush, debris, and wood piles from the perimeter of your home. Keep firewood about 30 feet away
  • Scorpions feed on other insects such as crickets. You can help eliminate crickets by turning outdoor lights off at night

Why Call in a Pro

Taking these precautions can help prevent a full blown scorpion infestation, however, there is still a chance that scorpions will take up residence in your house. A household pesticide will only do so much, as the colonies themselves are often housed away from the reach of these bug killers. Your best chance of ridding your home of scorpions for good is calling in a professional. A pro can help identify where the source of your scorpion problem is, leading to a more successful extermination. If you have noticed scorpions in and around your home, call Tri-X Pest Management ASAP! If you wait, it may be too late. Get your scorpion infestation taken care of today.

Who We Are

We are your friendly neighborhood pest control experts in Las Vegas. For over 20 years we’ve been providing reliable pest control services at homes and businesses. We’re fully licensed and insured, use eco-friendly materials safe for kids and pets, and offer competitive pricing. Don’t DIY or settle for less, call Tri-X!