Why DIY Pest Control is A Risky Gamble

May 1, 2023 | Pest News

Why DIY Pest Control is A Risky Gamble

For the average Las Vegas homeowner or renter, the thought of a pest infestation is enough to send shivers down your spine and get you thinking about Why DIY Pest Control is A Risky Gamble. Unfortunately, pests are part of life, and it’s inevitable that you’ll have to deal with them at some point or another. The question is: how?

While professional pest control services can sometimes be expensive and time-consuming, DIY solutions can be deadly if done incorrectly. So what’s the best option? Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of both professional and DIY pest control solutions.

Professional Pest Control Services

Why It Makes Sense

Professional pest control services offer an effective way to rid your home of pesky critters quickly and safely. Experienced exterminators use specialized techniques and products specifically formulated for each type of pest infestation.

This means that they are more likely to get rid of the problem than a typical DIY solution would be. Additionally, most companies will offer warranties for their services so you know that if any new problems arise within a certain period of time after your initial service, they will come back free of charge to address them.

Why Some Are Hesitant

Some professional services can be expensive and initially require multiple visits before eliminating all pests from your home. This is a necessary scenario for any service provider because the goal is to completely wipe out any pest problems that were allowed to get out of control.

While the initial costs can sometimes be daunting, having a regularly maintained home with a pest control plan, will prevent costly infestation remediations in the future.

Tri-X Pest Management understands it is a tough pill to swallow at first, which is why we offer promotions for new customers. Our goal is to get the pests out and keep them out, as quickly as possible, without breaking the bank. Additionally, being on a monthly or bi-monthly maintenance plan helps keep the cost lower.

DIY Pest Control Solutions

Why Some People Try It

DIY pest control solutions are attractive to many homeowners because they usually seem less expensive than professional services. They also allow people to take matters into their own hands without having to wait for an appointment or depend on someone else’s schedule.

There are endless “life hacks” all over the internet and social media that offer creative solutions to pest problems. While some of them do work for the moment, most do more damage than good. Not only can these DIY hacks be time-consuming to put together, but the costs add up quickly as many of the materials used cannot be purchased easily in small quantities, and most homeowners have no need for large amounts.

Additionally, many of these DIY remedies are made from household objects and require you to leave some form of organic material out to attract pests into a trap. While this may appear to have immediate results, it can actually make things worse.

Why Most People Shouldn’t DIY Pest Control

The downside is that DIY solutions can be unreliable since different types of pests require different methods of extermination. It is essential to know exactly what type of infestation you have before attempting any kind of treatment on your own.

Improper usage or application could end up making the situation worse as some pests can become resistant to certain treatments over time when used too frequently or inconsistently. Furthermore, some chemicals used in DIY treatments may still pose risks even when handled correctly. It is important to read labels carefully and take caution when using any household pest product, regardless if you choose a professional service or do-it-yourself approach.

In 2013, the California Poison Control System and the American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAPCC) cited 50 deaths from paraquat (a common herbicide); at least 12 were from accidental ingestion of paraquat from a beverage container. These mistakes happen when people build DIY traps and sprays to kill pests on their plants and gardens. When bottles get mixed up, it could be deadly.

Aside from the popular home remedies which can often make things worse over time, a lack of training and understanding can lead to dangerous situations. When homeowners or renters take pest control into their own hands, they can often endanger themselves and others. In 2019, right here in southern Nevada, a local man from Henderson attempted to kill pests in a crawl space with a torch, and sadly it ended in a house fire that eventually took his life.

Will You Risk It?

When it comes down to it, we simply cannot condone DIY pest control solutions. The risk is far too high and the use of chemicals or other preventive methods can be dangerous, or flat out won’t fix the problem. Making a flytrap to leave by the sink is something most people have done at some point to reduce fruit flies in the kitchen, but it is not a true solution anyone should rely on.

For Las Vegas locals who want peace of mind without having to worry about anything going wrong, should consider investing in experienced professionals who specialize in safe yet effective extermination and prevention methods. Our pest control experts at Tri-X Pest Management provide the same quality and assurance as those big companies you’ve heard of – but with that local small business charm that makes our customers feel good about the services they invest in.

So next time you see a critter or pest, don’t DIY or settle for less. Get Tri-X!

Who We Are

We are your friendly neighborhood pest control experts in Las Vegas. For over 20 years we’ve been providing reliable pest control services at homes and businesses. We’re fully licensed and insured, use eco-friendly materials safe for kids and pets, and offer competitive pricing. Don’t DIY or settle for less, call Tri-X!