A Few Facts About Pesky Pigeons

Apr 1, 2021 | Home Pest Tips

At Tri-X Pest Management, we know we have talked a lot about pigeons throughout our blog and our website. The fact of the matter is, we recognize the threat that they are to your household and your business, and we want to ensure that you are educated and prepared to handle a pigeon problem on your property. Pigeons can be risky business, and can have a detrimental affect on your health and the structure of your buildings. In order to keep you as knowledgeable as possible about these pesky pigeon pests, we have compiled a list of a few facts for you to review. Take a look at this interesting information, and contact our team of pigeon removal experts to handle your pigeon problem today!

Top of the List

Did you know that pigeons are regarded as the top bird pest problem that exists in the United States, as well as around the world? There are many factors that contribute to this ranking, including prevalence, resilience, reproduction rates, and dangers presented by their poo. We’ll look more into that shortly.

Dependent on Humans

Pigeons are often found in areas that are highly populated, because the presence of people allows them easier access to food and roosting spots. These pests are able to survive without humans, however, they experience drastically shorter lifespans without proper nutrition and safe spots for their nests.

Populus Pest

In the world, there are approximately 400 million pigeons that exist. Since the world is shifting towards more urban development, the pigeon population is dramatically increasing at a very fast pace. New York City boasts a pigeon count of over one million, recent estimates have suggested. The sheer number of pigeons that exist makes dealing with them overwhelming to say the least. While it is unlikely that your home or business has such large numbers of pigeons hanging around, even just a few can cause irreversible damage.

Pigeon Poo Problem

As we mentioned earlier, and as we have talked about previously in other posts and pages around our website, there is a major problem with pigeon poo. The extremely acidic nature of this fecal matter contributes to the disintegration and deterioration of even the most durable building and construction materials. Pigeon droppings can destroy vegetation and farms, leading to a severe impact in livelihood for farmers, and an impact in the supply chain for fruits, vegetables, and other crops.

While you may be thinking that a few birds could not possibly have that tremendous of an effect on buildings or fields, consider this: 100 pigeons produce approximately 4800 pounds of poop a year! Even if this does not lead to a loss in structural integrity or an entire crop destruction, pigeon droppings can be unsightly, and can carry many diseases that affect humans and other animals. There are many dangers that come along with pigeons and their poo. Protect your household and your business by having these pests removed.

If you want to learn more about the dangers that pigeons pose for you, your house, and your business, or if you are ready to take the next step towards pigeon removal today, contact our team of pest control and pigeon experts. We are ready to help you achieve a pigeon free existence!

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