Banishing Birds

Dec 2, 2019 | Home Pest Tips

Birds, especially pigeons, have the tendency to invade properties and claim them as their own, becoming both inconveniences and nuisances. These birds can be extremely noisy, territorial, and damaging to your property. If they decide to make your home theirs, your peace and quiet can be very greatly disturbed, and they can wreak havoc to your home and/or business.

Potential Risks

In addition to being a pest, birds like pigeons can carry numerous diseases and more. Pigeon feces alone can be detrimental to both health and building structures. This excrement is extremely acidic, and has the ability to break down even the strongest building materials, such as cement. In fact, this is the reason that pigeon poo is the leading cause of bridge failure. Not only does this waste look atrocious along the sides of buildings, it can actually expedite the process of deterioration as well. 

Bird droppings destroy thousands of roofs every year and they carry 10 times the disease as rats. They are known to be able to carry or transmit: pigeon ornithosis, encephalitis, Newcastle disease, toxoplasmosis, salmonella, and several other diseases. Their feces can also contain Histoplasmosis, Cryptococcosis, and Psittacosis bacteria which can cause major health issues with people whose auto-immune system is compromised. 

Tri-X Pest Management’s Solution

Tri-X Pest Management has been in the business for over 17 years. In this amount of time, we have perfected our bird control techniques, and have continuously achieved above-average results. Tri-X Pest Management has redefined bird control with top of the line materials and installation methods that are the best you’ll find anywhere. 

Targeted Techniques

Because of the amount of time we have been dealing with birds, we understand their psychology, which is why our installations have worked in places where feathered pests have remained unmoved by other bird control companies. We have saved customers countless dollars by knowing which parts of a building to bird proof and which parts don’t need it. From custom installed netting to traps, our Pigeon Control experts have the experience and tools to keep your roofs clear of unwanted pigeons.

Guaranteed Products

In addition to knowing where bird control will be most effective, we also offer lifetime warranties on several of our bird deterrent products. We also guarantee that you will be satisfied with the services that we provide.

We have worked with numerous homeowners and businesses over the years to successfully implement humane bird exclusion services. If you’re experiencing issues with pigeons or other birds on your property, call Tri-X Pest Management today to get a free estimate.

Who We Are

We are your friendly neighborhood pest control experts in Las Vegas. For over 20 years we’ve been providing reliable pest control services at homes and businesses. We’re fully licensed and insured, use eco-friendly materials safe for kids and pets, and offer competitive pricing. Don’t DIY or settle for less, call Tri-X!