Get Rid of Ants for Good

May 1, 2021 | Home Pest Tips

Ants are quite possibly some of the most common pests that exist in any area of the United States. While there are many species of ants, there are typically at least one or a couple of them located in every kind of region. In fact, ants outnumber humans a million to one. With numbers like these, it may be obvious why ants are a pesky pest problem, but let’s take a closer look and also dive into how you can get rid of ants for good.

Little Pests, Big Deal

As we already mentioned, ants are plentiful in numbers. The reason for the sheer size of ant populations typically boils down to rapid reproduction rates and the fact that these pests are itty bitty and can easily go unnoticed while their colonies expand underground. Often, by the time you see a few ants out and about around your home, there are already many, many more lurking in the unseen spaces of your house.

Ants have a unique ability to attract the rest of their colonies to food sources, so once a single ant has found a yummy meal, chances are others will show up to chow down soon enough. Where food and water are both present and consistently readily available, you may find your home quickly becoming an unintentional host to an ant family reunion. In addition, if ants discover safe spaces such as cracks, crevices, corners, or more in your residence, they may just decide to move in permanently.

Regardless of what kinds of ants exist in and around your house, they all have the potential to cause lasting negative consequences. Whether these consequences are bites on you, your loved ones, or your pets, or the consequences are a weakened foundation or other building structures, the results of these are less than pleasant for anyone affected. It’s best to prevent these outcomes from ever occurring, and avoid experiencing an infestation in the first place.

What You Can Do

While there are no guarantees that you will never see an occasional ant wandering around your home, there are some steps that you can take to ensure that your house does not become the next hottest ant apartment complex. Keeping in mind that ants need food and water and safety for survival, it is essential to restrict ants’ access to these things. Make sure that all of your food in your cabinets and pantry is tightly sealed up, and that no open containers are kept out anywhere for any amount of time.

Next, assess any standing water in and around your home, such as leaky faucets or areas in your yard that have poor drainage. See what can be done to address these issues and take away the easy access to hydration that these areas provide. Seal any cracks or crevices in your home’s foundation or walls, and be sure to keep doors and windows closed up when not in use, or invest in sturdy screens to keep pests out.

Why Call in a Pro

Taking these precautions can help prevent a full blown ant infestation, however, there is still a chance that ants will take up residence in your house. A household pesticide will only do so much, as the colonies themselves are often housed away from the reach of these bug killers. Your best chance of ridding your home of ants for good is calling in a professional. Since there are a variety of ant species, and different precautions apply to each one, going with an expert is essential to the success of protecting your household. A pro can help identify where the source of your ant problem is, leading to a more successful extermination. If you have noticed ants in and around your home, call Tri-X Pest Management ASAP! If you wait, it may be too late. Get your ant infestation taken care of today.


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