How To Spot and Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Jul 2, 2019 | Home Pest Tips

Don’t Bring Bed Bugs Home From Your Vacation

Did you know that on average, a bed bug will lay 500 eggs in its lifetime? A single bed bug can mature in as fast as a month, then lay 5 eggs a day for the rest of its life. This could be six months on average, but under the right circumstances, bed bugs can live for as long as a year. As the weather begins to warm up, we see Bed Bug activity increase and infestations spread from hotels to homes. 

It is common for Bed Bug infestations to spread between the months of June through October as travelers unknowingly transport these sneaky pests from bed to bed in their luggage. It is important to be able to identify these pests and notify the pest control experts at Tri-X Pest Management.

Before You Travel

The best defense against a bed bug infestation is a good prevention plan. Before you leave for your vacation, make sure that you pack your luggage with this in mind. If you can, it is recommended that you pack your belongings in hard shell luggage. This is less appealing to bed bugs than fabric suitcases and will deter them from hitching a ride.

Pack a couple of heavy duty garbage bags, enough to put your luggage in. When you return from your vacation you can place all of your belongings in these bags and let the heat kill any unwanted souvenirs. If you’d like an eco friendly alternative, there are reusable zip up bags for sale online.

Inspecting your room for bed bugs

When you arrive at your destination, inspect your room for any signs of bed bugs. Bed bugs are known to hide within several feet of their feeding spots, which means you can often find them on the mattress, behind the headboard, and in between couch cushions.

To minimize the risk of bed bugs hopping in your luggage, you should place it away from areas that may be high risk for bed bugs. Most, if not all, hotels provide you with a luggage rack to keep your bags elevated and away from unwanted pests.

Post-Vacation Bed Bug Prevention

Before you place your luggage in your car, place your belongings in garbage or zip up bags that you packed. The bags will retain heat and kill any bugs that may have decided to climb aboard your luggage or dirty clothes.

Additionally, upon arrival to your home you should then place your clothes in the dryer. Bed bugs that are exposed to temperatures of 113 degrees or higher for a short period of time will die.

Bed Bug Control and Removal

While Traveling, or whenever you stay at a hotel, you should inspect the room for traces of an infestation by checking the bed, chairs, and headboard for any traces of Bed Bugs. Bed Bugs do not have wings, instead they spread by hitching a ride in luggage and clothing. If you want to be sure that you did not transport any Bed Bugs, you can expose your clothing to heat by putting your clothes in the dryer. The exposure to heat will kill any unwanted insects. Of course, if you notice that you brought any Bed Bugs home with you, you can contact Tri-X Pest Management to inspect your home thoroughly.

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