Keeping Bugs Out Of Your Business

Dec 15, 2021 | Home Pest Tips

As a business owner, it’s important to keep pests away from your business. Insect infestations around the workplace can drive away customers, cause issues with employees, and potentially damage your reputation of providing a clean and safe workplace. Fortunately, you can keep bugs out of your business by taking these steps to secure entry points, remove food sources, and maintain a clean and safe environment. Here are a few pest management tips to help you keep bugs out of your business and away from your workplace.

Limit Food to Break Areas

If you worry that insects may become a problem around the office, you can try to limit the areas in the office where food and beverages are consumed. This will prevent creating multiple areas in the office where crumbs and sugary drinks are located. If you do find insects around the office, they will be contained in one space rather than spread out over the entire building.

Dispose of Garbage Often

If there are insects around the office, chances are that you will find them in or around the garbage. Garbage can be one of the main food sources for insects around office spaces and is often the biggest attraction indoors where food sources might be scarce. To prevent pest infestations, be sure to round up all of the garbage from offices, bathrooms, and break rooms as often as possible.

Never Leave Standing Water

Much like garbage, standing water can attract pests who are looking for food sources. Additionally, some pests like flies will lay their eggs around standing water. While standing water may not be as common indoors, there are still areas such as bathrooms, kitchen sinks, or around plumbing where water may attract insects and other pests.

Seal Cracks, Doors, and Windows With Weather Stripping

Pests will take any crack as an invitation to come inside in search of food and shelter, especially as the colder weather sets in. You can prevent insects from entering your office space by ensuring that every window and door is lined with weatherstripping. Not only will this keep insects out but it will also help keep your building insulated which is just a bonus.

Hire Pest Control to Do Routine Sweeps

Keeping bugs out of your business means staying on top of regular pest control services. Hiring a professional pest control company to visit on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to do inspections, spray vulnerable areas, and remove small webs and nests can help ensure that you never experience pest infestations at your business.

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