Monsoon Season and the Effect on Pests

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Monsoon season in the Las Vegas valley brings a welcome relief from the heat and much needed moisture with the downpour of rain. Monsoons come with their own unique set of risks and dangers, however, they also bring a variety of usually-hidden pests right up to your front door, and sometimes even into your home. 

Monsoon Pest Problems

When it rains, it pours, and in the Las Vegas valley, that often means flash floods. This flooding causes many pests to become displaced from their homes, leading them to look for more suitable surroundings. Unfortunately, this more suitable surrounding is often in the home of some unsuspecting humans. 

One pest to watch out for around standing water is mosquitoes. Though the valley typically does not boost large numbers of mosquitoes, during the monsoon season, these numbers can rise, along with cases of diseases that these pests can carry, like the recent West Nile Virus outbreak. Make sure that you eliminate areas of standing water on your property as quickly as possible in order to avoid mosquito breeding and infestation. 

Another common pest that appears in monsoon season is the termite. When the soil surrounding your home’s foundation becomes soggy, it becomes a happy home for termites. Termites can cause extreme cases of damage to homes, so preventing their intrusion is essential to your house’s long term health. 

Excess water and flash flooding tends to flush out soil and earth dwelling insects and rodents, and they may try to move into other dark, damp areas. Make sure that your home’s foundation and walls are in good repair, and that there are no cracks or crevices where unwanted visitors can make their entrance.

Pest Problem Prevention

By keeping up with regular pest control and maintenance, you can prevent a lot of the potential pest problem risks, whether it is monsoon season or not. Contact Tri-X Pest Management today to see what we can do for you! 

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