No More Pool Days for Pests

Aug 15, 2019 | Home Pest Tips

There’s nothing nicer than a cool, crisp swim on a scorching hot Vegas summer day. Nobody likes sharing their pool with pests, though! Of course, the occasional creepy crawler may wander into your serene waters, but if you’ve noticed an unusual amount of bathing bugs in your pool this summer, it may be time to check out these tips and give us a call! 

Keep Away! 

Short of calling your local pest experts at Tri-X Pest Management, there are a few ways that you can decrease the numbers of pests that land in your swimming pool. 

Cover up! 

Keeping your pool covered not only regulates the temperature, it also greatly decreases the exposed surface area for pests to land in. By covering your pool, you are essentially putting a barrier in place between your pool and the rest of the bug-ridden world. 

Screen time! 

Another option to reduce the number of insects that get into your swimming pool is to screen the area in. If you have a pool located close to your house, this could serve as a large screened-in porch. If your pool is further out into your yard, a stand-alone screen covering may work best. Either way, putting up a screen enclosure, and only opening the doorway when entering or exiting can be fairly efficient in reducing the number of larger bugs that may bother you. Smaller insects such as gnats and mosquitoes will still be able to squeeze through, though. 

Dry off! 

No, not you. We’re talking about keeping the area around your pool free of wet spots and standing water. Stagnant water, or natural sources of water like ponds are perfect breeding grounds for pesky pests. Eliminating the presence of these around your swimming pool should reduce the number of corresponding creepy crawlers. 

Call in the experts! 

Though these tips are helpful, and may prove extremely effective in reducing the number of pests in your pool, if there truly is an infestation, or if these tips are not enough, it’s always best to call in a professional. At Tri-X Pest Management, we use safe, effective pest control measures, so your family can go back to enjoying pool days in no time! Contact us today! 

Who We Are

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