Pest Control Myths

Feb 2, 2021 | Home Pest Tips

When it comes to pests and pest control, we realize there may be a lot of misinformation buzzing around. These myths about insects, infestations, and more, can often be taken as the truth if they are repeated enough. Unfortunately that contributes to inaccurate ways of handling pest problems, or overexaggerated opinions about bugs. Let’s take a look at some of these myths and see if we can dispel some common beliefs.

Bee Stings: One and Done

One of the most common myths about bugs is that bees are only able to sting once. While this is true for honeybees, they are the only variety of bee that it applies to. Other kinds of bees, as well as wasps and hornets, all have the ability to sting multiple times. If you are not aware of the kind of bee you have been stung by, it’s safer to assume that more stings are coming, and to clear the area, than it is to assume that it was the one-off sting of a honeybee.

Bee Stings: Only When Provoked

Another common myth involves bees, wasps, and hornets again. This one claims that these stinging insects will only attack if you are actively provoking them. The truth, however, is that they are likely to attack if they feel threatened, which may not even entail you behaving in a provocative manner. Simply walking too close to their nest or hive could be a reasonable cause for them to swarm. If you notice a nest or beehive in your yard, contact the professionals to take care of it to ensure your safety.

Clean Homes Keep Bugs Away

You have probably heard the claim that clean homes don’t get bugs, or that homes with roaches or other creepy crawlers are dirty. The truth is, however, that a clean home does not guarantee an absence of pests. While it may make it easier to spot an insect in your house if it is spotless, and a cluttered home might create more hiding spots for these critters, there is no proven cause and effect relationship between the cleanliness of your home and the presence of pests.

In reality, insects and other pests look for three major things when deciding where to make themselves at home. These are food, water, and shelter. If your house provides easy access to these three things, regardless of how clean it is, chances are, pests are gonna be present. The biggest factor is not the cleanliness of your home, but how easily accessible it is, so start by sealing off any entry point you can find.

Mice Love a Cheesy Treat

When it comes to catching and exterminating mice, most people have the notion that a piece of cheese on a trap is the way to go. However, cheese is not a mouse’s favorite food. Instead, these pests like to chow down on treats that are high in sugars, especially peanut butter and chocolate. These are also likely to take longer to consume, as opposed to a snatch and run opportunity that the cheese presents. This means they are more effective in getting a mouse trapped.

Termites Can’t Chow Down on Brick or Slab Houses

Many homeowners in the Las Vegas valley have a misconception that their homes are safe from termites because they are not primarily wood houses with siding, and are instead brick or stucco homes. While these materials may not be as initially appealing to termites, that does not mean these homes are safe or impermeable. Termites can easily access the wood beams that provide the structural foundation of your house, causing just as much damage and devastation regardless of what the rest of your house is made out of. Additionally, wood isn’t the only material that termites can and will eat. Other walls and structures in your home may be in danger as well.

Are any of these pest-related myths and truths surprising to you? Has your mind changed about any of them? Whatever your pest problems are, be sure to trust the professionals with your pest control and management needs. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

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