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Sep 18, 2021 | Home Pest Tips

If your workplace is affected by pests, you’ll likely have to employ commercial pest control services to neutralize the problem. If you’ve never dealt with this type of service before, you should be aware of a few key differences from residential pest control.

Why should you hire commercial pest control services?

Pests pose a high risk of damaging your employees’ health and your business workplace equipment and facilities. Opting for a DIY method of dealing with pest infestations often fails and further delays dealing with the problem.

Commercial pest control services should be your first call of action. These services are efficient in dealing with all types of pests, such as rodents, flies, insects, and birds, and can guide you on how to avoid future problems.

How does commercial pest control differ from residential pest control?

If you’ve hired residential pest control services before, you’ll find that commercial services are slightly different. Here are the main reasons:

Less flexible

A pest control call from a residence can, for the most part, be handled any time of the day. There are some situations where there needs to be flexibility, but usually, the residents are happy for the exterminators to get on with the job.

On the other hand, commercial pest control services are less flexible. This is because businesses can’t stop functioning or shut down to deal with a pest problem. As a result, you’ll find that commercial pest control is less flexible, with professionals having to work around the company schedule.

Quicker process

If a residential pest infestation is bad enough, the family can always move into temporary accommodation while the problem is sorted. The same can’t be said for commercial properties. It would be near impossible to shut down a block of offices or a factory without inflicting losses on the company. As a result, commercial pest control services tend to be much faster at identifying and neutralizing the problem.

There are more variables to consider

Exterminators will usually face the same problems when dealing with residential pest issues. On the other hand, commercial properties come in a range of different sizes, locations, and settings. This means that exterminators specializing in commercial pest control will face new problems each day, which require quick solutions and application.

Multi-site monitoring

If the affected commercial property has multiple sites – such as a chain of restaurants – the owners might contract commercial pest control services to check more than one building. This is especially true if workers frequently visit different sites. On the other hand, residential services usually tend to a property once and neutralize the problem for good.

They have more experience in preventive measures

Although residential pest control professionals will have a solid knowledge of preventing future problems in your home, commercial professionals tend to be more experienced at preventive measures. In addition to neutralizing the pest problem, they will identify areas of concern and what steps you can take to avoid another infestation in the future.

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