Pest-Proofing Your House

Apr 15, 2020 | Home Pest Tips

With more of us spending an increased amount of time in our homes, you may realize that you are seeing more creepy crawlers critters hanging around as well. While some pest presence may be unavoidable (and may require a professional’s help), there are some steps that you can take to pest-proof your home and make it a much less inviting space for them to hang out in.

Close Off Openings

Over time, houses shift on their foundations, creating cracks and gaps where insects and other pests can enter. If you notice a lot more of these critters in or around your home, it may be time to inspect the foundation and walls of your home to see if there are any areas that can be sealed up. Another place to check for gaps is around pipes, doors, windows, laundry vents, and utility meters. These may be harder to spot immediately, but are extremely important to close off.

In addition, be careful to not leave your windows or doors open for an extended period of time, especially with no screen in place. If you do have a screen and plan on leaving them open, ensure that any holes or tears are patched promptly. Close your garage door as soon as you enter or leave your home as well, to eliminate another access point for pests.

Pests and Pets

Pests can be especially attracted to your home if bits of pet food are scattered and left as a free for all buffet. Make sure that all pet food is stored in sealed containers or the baggies are completely closed off. After your pet has eaten, pick up their food bowl from the floor, and sweep up any remaining food that has fallen onto the floor. Taking these few extra steps can help cut down on ants and other insects who want to grab a free meal from your pet’s leftovers.

Clean Your Kitchen

Just like with your pet’s food, its important to keep your food well-sealed, and tidy up after meals to avoid leaving crumbs lay. Place opened or exposed food into resealable packages or lidded tupperware containers. Wipe up spills immediately. Discard spoiled produce and other foods as soon as it goes bad. Sweep the floor regularly. All of these habits can help to prevent potential pest issues in your kitchen.

Tidy Your Yard

In addition to ensuring that the inside of your home, especially your kitchen, is neat and tidy, it is essential to make sure that the outside of your home is as well. Removing extra debris around the yard and trimming any plants or bushes near your house can reduce the areas that pests are able to hide in. Eliminate extra moisture or standing water, clean up pet poo, keep your trash in bags and in the can. These can all contribute to pest-proofing your home.

If you have tried your hand at all of these methods and the pests keep coming, or if you want to skip straight to pest control, contact our experts today!

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