Pests and Their Wishlist for a Happy Home

Oct 2, 2020 | Home Pest Tips

If you have ever gone home shopping, or even if you have seen an episode of House Hunters, you know that people often have wish lists for their ideal home. This isn’t just limited to our species, however. Did you know that pests are picky with the places they choose to reside in? Sure, they might not care if the home has a fireplace or crown molding, but there are certain qualities that appeal more to creepy crawlers. Have you noticed that your home seems to attract a lot of insects and other pests? Let’s check out what makes your home ideal for those creepy crawlers looking to relocate.

What Pests Need

Before we dive into what pests may be seeking out for comfort, let’s first dive into what the necessities are.


In a big, busy world, it’s hard to be a bug. With tiny bodies, they can easily be crushing by any human or animal traipsing about. To protect themselves, insects and pests seek out safe shelter. Easily accessible (to the smallest of critters) hideouts make for lovely homes away from the open and exposed outdoors. Shelter is essential to a pest’s survival.


Another key aspect of seeking out a safe place for pests is having consistent access to food sources. A home isn’t a home without some comfort food, right? If pests can access edible goodies within your house and not have to brave the big world outside, your home becomes that much more appealing. Food is essential to survival, therefore it’s essential to picking a place to reside.


Just as food is essential to life, so is water. Some pests do not need a constantly running tap or a pool of water to bathe in to be hydrated. Most pests only need minuscule amounts, some only requiring the condensation that gathers on the window on a brisk morning. Regardless of how much they need, their home must have a consistent supply.

What Pests Want

Now that we’ve talked about the essentials for a pest house, let’s look into some other aspects that play into an ideal environment.


Older homes tend to be more easily accessible for pests. Foundations shift and cracks develop, and even though they may not be very large or noticeable, any amount of access can be enough for creepy crawlers to get in. The age of your home can be a factor in whether insects decide to stay for a while.


As we mentioned, shelter is essential to the safety and survival of pests. Clutter serves the purpose of sheltering these critters even more. In a cluttered home, it becomes harder to see if there are pests lurking around, or to spot any telltale signs that they’ve been there recently.

Even in a clean home, extra clutter, food crumbs, and more can play into pests picking your place to raise their families. Now that you know what pests are looking for in their residences, you can help to prevent potential infestations in the future. If you think you may have a pest problem, or want to be proactive with prevention, contact us today!

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