Protecting Your Home During the Holidays

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The holidays are meant to be a fun, happy, enjoyable time for everyone. Whether you are hosting a get-together at your home, or traveling to see your loved ones, the last thing you want is a surprise visit from any kind of pest! While pests can be a problem year-round, there are some additional factors that weigh in and make the holidays an even more prominent time for these particular unwanted guests. 

Cold Weather

While our winters here in Las Vegas may not be as harsh as some other spots, the temperatures can drop drastically, causing those warm-weather-loving critters to seek safe shelter. Unfortunately, this safe shelter is usually within your home. This is why, during the winter months, most people tend to see an increase in the number of creepy crawlers, especially spiders, spotted indoors. 

These frigid conditions also raise the chances of running into a rodent inside as well. It’s safe to say that nobody really wants these unwelcome animals in their homes, especially with the amount of diseases that they can potentially carry. When critters like these start showing up, professional pest control becomes necessary for the safety of your household. 

Abundance of Goodies

Everyone loves the holiday arrangements of food, from turkeys and hams, to cakes and pies, there are always plenty of goodies to go around. With the amount of food that is crafted for these many family and friend events, there always seems to be endless leftovers. These often get casually set aside when the football games start, and can sit untouched and uncovered for hours on end. 

This has the potential to attract many insects and other creatures, as it serves as a free holiday buffet for them. This is an easily preventable problem, if leftovers and other goodies simply remain covered and inaccessible to these critters. 

Easy Accessibility

We all know that the holidays seem to fly by, which partially has to do with how busy this time of the year is. There is constant foot traffic going in and out of the house, from opening and closing the door to pass out candy for trick or treaters, to welcoming your friends and families in for Thanksgiving, to loading the car up with Christmas goodies. 

This in and out action leaves a lot of opportunity for pests to get into your home as well. Though not all of this is preventable, extra caution can be taken in closing the doors securely when you enter and exit, knowing that creepy crawlers are looking to take shelter in the warmth of your home. 


Perhaps you are not hosting the holiday festivities for your friends and family, but are instead traveling to visit them. There might not be as much potential for pests getting into your house by these other ways mentioned, but there is another risk. Bed bugs. Be sure that if you are traveling anywhere for the holidays, and staying in a hotel or Airbnb, check your mattresses and furniture for any signs of these pests before you get settled in.

Keep the holidays safe and enjoyable for all. Do what you can to prevent pests, and if they still manage to become a problem, contact the experts at Tri-X Pest Management.

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