Protecting Your Home From Termites

Apr 9, 2019 | Home Pest Tips

Signs Of Termite Infestations and How To Address Them

Although it is uncertain how much damage termites can cause to your home due to a wide variety of factors, in laboratory settings termites have been found to establish large colonies that can reach anywhere from 60,000 termites to 2 million in climates like Las Vegas.

This means that getting ahold of pest control immediately is important in protecting your home from termites because termites can consume a 2×4 piece of wood in just a few months. Finding early signs of a termite infestation is crucial to saving yourself money and stress down the road.

The size of the termite colony, the number of existing colonies in the infested area, and even the local climate all contribute to the difficulty of pest control. In Southern Nevada, with its mainly warm and sunny climate, controlling termites can be especially challenging. This is because they are active for longer periods throughout the year, leaving them more time to feed on wood and other materials.

Depending on the species, termite colonies take anywhere from three to six years to reach maturity. This means that severe damage can go unnoticed for long periods of time, sometimes as long as eight years! So as you can see, protecting your home from termites can be quite the challenge.


How To Spot The Type Of Termite In Your Home

Subterranean Termite Pest Control

If you’re looking for a way to identify the type of termite in your home, there are several indicators that can help you determine the type of pest. One of the first things to look out for is the size and shape of the termites. Drywood termites tend to be larger and have oval-shaped bodies, while subterranean termites are smaller and cylindrical in shape.

The color of the termite can also help identify its type – drywood termites typically have dark brown or black bodies, while subterranean species are often lighter in color. Additionally, you should pay attention to the wings they discard when they swarm during mating season, which can provide clues about their identity.

In addition to physical characteristics, it’s important to note where exactly any nests or colonies were found in your house. Subterranean termites usually build their colonies near sources of moisture such as basements or underground water sources, whereas drywood species prefer drier areas like attics or upper floors.

If you’re still unsure about which type of termite has infested your home after inspecting these various factors, consider hiring a pest control company like Tri-X Pest Management to identify them for you.

Termite Prevention Treatment Cost

Termites eat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means that the longer termite infestations go unnoticed and untreated, the more structural damage they will cause to your home. Do not worry though, recognizing the signs of a termite infestation early can save you money and a headache later on down the road!

While researching termite prevention spray or other termite prevention products might sound like a reasonable solution. A termite problem can run much deeper than what a quick solution might provide. Structural damage to your home is no laughing matter, so let’s discuss the DIY steps to properly fix a termite issue.

  1. Try to look for the source of entry for the termites. Many times, cutting off the source can slow down the damage done by termites.
  2. Create a treatment plan. There’s some useful information on the internet on what types of sprays or chemicals to use, if termite baits are effective, and more.
  3. Start by installing any necessary preventative measures, such as chemical or physical barriers, to guard against future infestations.
  4. Apply any chemicals or foams directly into cracks and crevices to impact them directly in their hiding places. However, these may turn out to be unsafe for you, your kids, and your pets. Be very wary of so-called “quick fixes”.
  5. Monitor the property for ongoing signs of termite activity and implement additional treatments as needed.


If the above items seem confusing or you’re one of those that are smart enough to leave it to the pros, call us. Protecting your home from termites is what we do! We offer free inspections, 100% guarantee our termite pest control service and are licensed & insured. We’ve been tackling termite infestations for over 20 years and know exactly what it takes to rid your home of termites and keep them gone for good.


Trust Tri-X Pest Management for Termite Pest Control

Due to the nature of termites, colonies can be hard to find without the proper knowledge of common signs of infestation. With over 20 years of experience, Tri-X has the termite pest control experience necessary to seek out and manage any termite infestation in your home. We’re locally owned and operated and will treat your home and family as if it were our own.

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