Say Goodbye to Flies!

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One of the most common pests we encounter are flies. They are so numerous and common to see, that most of the time, we don’t even realize it. If we do, we tend to see them mostly as a nuisance, their constant buzzing around becoming annoying to deal with, but nothing more. We often fail to see the potential risk they could become. 

Flies as a Pest Problem

One of the most notable facts about flies is that they multiply extremely quickly, and can increase their numbers at an alarming rate. It may seem like there are only one or two in your home now, but that number can double, triple, and more very fast. One female can lay up to one hundred eggs at a single time. The rate at which flies multiply can cause major issues, especially because they are often overlooked at first. 

Preventing Pesky Flies

Even though they are exceptionally common, flies are fairly easy to prevent. It is much easier to prevent a problem with flies than it is to exterminate them once they have decided to share your home. Most importantly, keep your home and the area around it clean. Female flies tend to look for trash, rotting food, or animal feces to lay their eggs in, so keeping your home clear of these potential breeding grounds could help to prevent flies from moving in. 

Another way to help prevent a pest problem with flies is to regularly keep your doors and windows closed and sealed. By limiting access to the inside of your home, it will drastically reduce the number of flies who make it past your borders. Ensure that trash cans, windows, vents, and more are all securely sealed and closed. This makes your house less appealing of a home for flies. 

Get to Know Your Flies

There are a few different kinds of flies that call Las Vegas home. The three most common kids are horse flies, house flies, and fruit flies. Their names are pretty self-explanatory. Horse flies are most commonly found on farms and near stables, as they are typically abundant in water sources and mammal hosts. House flies are the most common to be found in your house. House flies can potentially carry diseases that are transmittable to humans. They do not live very long, but can reproduce at rapid rates during their short lifetime. Fruit flies are typically drawn to sweeter fruits, and may be viewed as nuisances, but the occasional fruit fly can serve as a disease defender. 

Regardless of how many flies you have, and what kinds they are, they can get annoying fast. If not taken care of properly, they can increase in population quickly and can potentially become a big problem. If you’ve seen flies around your home, contact the experts at Tri-X Pest Management today.

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