Should You Do Your Own Pest Control?

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In an effort to save money and expand upon their skills, many people attempt to DIY many things in their lives. Sometimes this expands to pest control as well. Though occasionally, DIY pest control might be sufficient for a quick fix, it is rarely recommended that you do your own on a consistent basis in place of having professionals do it. 

This is true especially when you live in an area that is prone to many different kinds of insect infestations, or other pests such as pigeons and rodents. In these cases, you may attempt to do your own pest control only to end up needing to spend more money on a solution for an infestation that happens regardless. For this reason and many more (listed below), it is always better to hire a professional for these matters. 

Dangerous Treatments

In order to take care of pests, the treatments tend to be fairly harsh. The chemicals involved can be dangerous to you and your household, as well as your pets and your home itself. When not handled with care, there can be serious consequences of these treatments being used, including health and respiratory risks. 


When inexperienced individuals attempt to do their own pest control, the possibility exists that the pests may be misidentified. When this happens, it becomes even harder to treat the problem, because the wrong problem is being treated! 

Increased Infestations

When the wrong problem is being address or the treatment being used is incorrect, it can lead to an increase of infestation. This is obviously the opposite of what you are looking to accomplish, but it is a potential outcome from DIY pest control. 

Wasted Time and Money

As discussed above, when you do your own pest control, you may end up needing to have a professional come in and fix it after the fact. This not only wastes your money, but also takes longer to be rid of the pests than if you would have had a professional handle it from the beginning. 

Not Treating Source of Problem

DIY pest control often focuses on the symptoms of the problem, like the bugs themselves, rather than the source of the problem. Even though the bugs do need to be addressed, the problem will not be fully solved until the root of the issue is taken care of. 

Likely to Recur

If the cause of the issue is not addressed, the problem is likely to recur. With a regular recurrence, pests may become more immune to the pest control treatments and methods you attempt to utilize. 

Venomous Pests

Many pests that people want to be rid of are more than just a nuisance. They can be dangerous or venomous and attempting to get rid of them yourself can result in bites or stings, and you may even require treatment or hospitalization depending on what kind of pest it is.

Not Treating Right Area

Treating the area where you are seeing bugs may rid you of a few of them, however, treatment must be taken to their entry points and where they are making their homes in order to be effective. 

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