The Crazy Places Pests Can Hide in Your Home

Mar 1, 2021 | Home Pest Tips

An undiscovered pest is a dangerous one, no matter how harmless they may initially be. When pests have hideaways, they have safe harbors where they can live and reproduce at alarming rates. Even the most docile of house pests can become a big problem when they are left unattended. By tucking themselves away in spots that are often ignored, a few insects can turn into an infestation in no time at all. Let’s check out some of these crazy places that pests can hide in your home!

Stuffed Animals

While these fluffy friends may be all cute cuddly at first glance, there may be some less-than-adorable critters hiding below the surface. Bed bugs and other insects can make their homes in stuffed animals fairly easily, and since these belongings rarely travel far from the bed they reside on, they are pretty ideal places to hang out.

Purses and Backpacks

These fabric belongings are other common places that bed bugs and creepy crawlers like to hideout in. Items like purses and backpacks rarely get any more attention than simply putting things in them and taking them out. Because insects often go undetected in these, they can be transported to many different rooms within your home, and even to spots outside of your home, without anyone noticing.


While it may not seem like a lot of space to make a home in, an electrical outlet in a wall provides ample room for bugs to cozy up and start a life together. Another benefit for these bugs with this location is that it is also connected to every other part of your home. Your walls serve as a highway in your house that these critters can stay safe and protected in until they are ready to make an appearance.

Storage Boxes

Whether your boxes are taped up and tightly sealed or not, chances are, insects can get in if they want to. The smallest slivers and cracks undetected to the human eye can be just enough room for pests to squeeze through. Because storage boxes are typically not in use very frequently, these insects have the opportunity and ample time to turn into a full-blown infestation before they are discovered.

Recycling Bin

If we said that you probably have bugs in your trash, you would probably believe us without much convincing, right? What if we said the same thing about your recycling? Often, this spot is less believable, because homeowners typically rinse out their glassware and plastic bottles before they get tossed in the recycling. However, even the smallest bits of foods and drinks are enough to attract unwanted attention from pests. Where there’s sustenance, there are insects, and your recycling bin is no exception.

Junk Drawer

We all have it: that one drawer that has no organization and just becomes a collect-all for miscellaneous papers and knick knacks and whatever else will fit. While it’s a handy solution to clear the counters off, the junk drawer also becomes an ideal hiding spot for insects. Since there are so many objects to hide in and around, these bugs can go unnoticed for quite some time, until there are too many of them to ignore, that is!


You may think of your dishwasher as a fairly clean spot to be, after all, it is washing your dishes! However, there is an abundance of moisture and food particles in and around your dishwasher, which makes it a pretty great place to be a pest. In fact, it is an extremely popular choice of residence for cockroaches!

Are you surprised at any of these crazy places pests can hide in your home? If you want to prevent a pest problem in your home, or you have an infestation in need of extermination, contact our team of pest pros today!

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