Why Changes in Weather Means Changes in Pests

Feb 15, 2021 | Home Pest Tips

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It should come as no surprise that the presence of pests greatly increases in warm and wet weather conditions. While it may only be February, Las Vegas springs and summers come early, and these changes in weather will start leading to changes in pest activity pretty quickly. Once the warmer weather begins for the year, the ecosystem starts to come alive. The buzz of bees fills the air, spiders spin their webs, ants work hard to feed their families, and many more insects make their presence known. While each creepy crawler has their own way of adapting to the various seasons, there is a common theme of all showing their faces tremendously more when the temperatures rise. Let’s take a look at some common pests and how they react to the oncoming of spring.


While many bugs migrate to warmer areas when the weather gets cold, and others simply die off in the lower temperatures, ants are more resilient than this. They hunker down, dig deep, and wait out the cold, which doesn’t take too long to pass here in the desert valley. Because of their ability to remain cozied up and hidden, their presence often goes unnoticed during the winter months. However, as soon as the weather starts to warm up a bit, they make their way out of those comfy little hiding holes they have dug and bask in the sunshine. This may come as a surprise to those homeowners who were unaware of ants being around, and you may find yourself with an infestation rather quickly. It is crucial to ensure that your home is properly sealed and all food sources are protected year-round to help prevent an infestation.


Because scorpions tend to thrive in hot climates, like the Las Vegas desert, when the temperatures rise, we often see a significant rise in the number of these pesky pests. Scorpions are not acclimated to cold weather, so during the winter months, they usually take any opportunity they can to disappear into warm hiding spots. They may even die off because of the lower temps. As we are well aware, however, it doesn’t stay cool for long, and they quickly come back out of hiding and wreak havoc in neighborhoods they inhabit.


These buzzing busy bodies are known to make us run from fear of being stung! During the winter months, their presence is greatly diminished. While they don’t hibernate, and the low temperatures are not known to kill them off, they tend to stay within their hives, huddling around the queen bee, for protection and warmth. When the winter months end, the need to stay huddled is reduced, so they become more active outside of their hives again.


Spiders, similarly to bees, greatly reduce their amount of activity out and about during winter. They do not enter a full hibernation, but instead a semi-hardening of their bodies and a partial hibernation-like phase. They snuggle up under rocks, leaves, or any other kind of shelter they can find in order to stay as warm as possible. When the temps rise, they make their way back out into the world in search of food and begin to build their webs again.

There are plenty of other kinds of insects that are affected by winter and warmer, wetter weather, however, the premise is still the same. Warm weather brings on more bugs! As the temperatures start to rise outside, be sure to get your property inspected and invest in a consistent, effective pest management plan. Contact the experts at Tri-X Pest Management and see what we can do for you today!

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