Why You Should Get Rid of Pigeons

Feb 26, 2019 | Home Pest Tips, Pest News

Pigeons: They’re No Spring Chicken

As the temperature outside begins to increase, so does the number of pigeons. Springtime and warmer weather are typically synonymous with insect and animal reproduction. Pigeons, however, are known to breed throughout the entire year, each female having around five babies in that time. Let’s talk about why you should get rid of pigeons and why it’s smart to use a pigeon pest control service to keep your home and business protected.

So why does there seem to be an influx of pigeons as the weather heats up? The answer is food! Pigeons are scavengers and will eat anything from insects to seeds to garbage.

Bird Droppings Can Cause Health Risks

While pigeons, themselves, aren’t particularly dangerous, their poo can pack a powerful punch! Not only can their droppings contain a plethora of diseases such as salmonella and cryptococcosis, but pigeon poop is also heavily acidic. The dangerous doo-doo can erode roofing shingles and cause unsightly damage to structures over time. Each pigeon will defecate around forty times a day making their #2 your #1 problem.

Pigeons might not seem like to smartest bird in the bunch as you watch them waddle around your neighborhood, pecking at discarded wrappers. But believe it or not, pigeons have been known to test higher in math than an average 3-year-old! They even recognize faces, especially if those faces belong to people who leave the trash can lid open on garbage day.

Why You Should Get Rid of Pigeons

Is Your Home or Business Supporting a Pigeon Population?

We often get asked how to get rid of pigeons on roofs and our first response is typically, “what is supporting the pigeon population?”. Meaning, what food source, comfort, or shelter is making them want to stay there?

However, it’s not just comfort or shelter that attracts pigeons: if you have an environment that is suitable for insects, pigeons will gladly flock toward the buggy buffet. Keeping your property regularly sprayed and free of trash and debris is the best defense against most of your pesky pests.

Whether it was due to the neighborhood “pigeon lady” or from a particularly messy pool party, if your property has become infested with eight or more pigeons, it’s time to get them removed. Along with troubling turds, pigeon nests can be hazardous too. They can block vents and drains, or ignite fires when built too close to electrical systems.

Steps in the Pigeon Pest Control Process

We highly encourage you to hire a pigeon pest control service like ours to handle pigeon exclusion and cleanup. While we provide this information on why you should get rid of pigeons to be helpful, we definitely don’t encourage you to do it yourself. Health hazards are definitely an issue and climbing on a roof to install bird spikes, wire mesh, and other items that prevent pigeons can be dangerous.

As the leading pigeon control pros in Las Vegas with over 20 years of experience, leave the work to us. We know how to safely clean up pigeon droppings, install pigeon spikes, and protect your air conditioning units. We’re licensed and insured and can often be on your property same-day!

Here’s our step-by-step process to remove pigeon waste and keep them from returning:

  1. Our first time at your home will include a thorough inspection of your property to find all the spots pigeons have nested
  2. Removal of the birds themselves as well as cleanup of existing feces, damage, or debris takes place. This is the dirtiest (and unhealthiest) part of the job and we highly recommend leaving it to a pigeon pest control service pro.
  3. Depending on the service requested by the customer, we might use spikes, netting, or a combination of other methods to implement our pigeon exclusion measures. This may include sealing off solar panels, HVAC units, and more.
  4. Our technicians will provide preventative measures and info ongoing on how to keep the pigeons from returning, too.


Getting rid of pigeons is an important step for protecting people and property from the dangers posed by these birds. By removing the nesting grounds and food sources that draw them in, it can help make communities less attractive to them, reducing their presence significantly. For these reasons, why you should get rid of pigeons should be a priority for any community concerned with public safety and well-being. Removing pigeons also has the added benefit of making outdoor spaces look much more pleasant and inviting.

Don’t DIY or Settle for Less, Get Tri-X!

With our satisfaction guarantee you can rest assured that you’ll love our service. Hiring a pigeon control company can save you time and money, and protect your health and safety. We provide free estimates and have very competitive pricing on all our services.
So now you know why you should get rid of pigeons, as well as how important it is to trust a pigeon pest control company like Tri-X.

Give us a call or text us at (702) 533-6419 to talk with a friendly pigeon pest control expert today!

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