Common Winter Pests In Las Vegas

Jan 1, 2022 | Home Pest Tips

If you’ve followed the Tri-X Pest Management blog, then you know that winter is the time when pests begin to move indoors in search of food and shelter. That can mean trouble for homeowners! While Las Vegas typically has a mild climate, we’re not immune to the cold or pests for that matter! In fact, there are several common pests that you are sure to see this winter.

Want to keep your home free of common winter pests in Las Vegas? Keep an eye out for these common Las Vegas pests:

Bed bugs

As the weather drops this January, you won’t be the only one with an urge to stay in bed where it’s cozy and warm. Bed bugs can be a big problem in the winter, especially as tourists visit the city in droves, bringing uninvited pests with them in their suitcases and clothing. Bed bugs are resilient little creatures that can survive for up to a year without food! Be sure to check your mattress, pillowcases, and bed frame for any sign of bed bugs this winter.


While it’s true that ants are a big problem during the summer in Las Vegas, they can also become quite an annoyance in the winter as they head indoors in search of food. There are nearly 20 different ant species in Southern Nevada and all of them are active year-round, usually making their way indoors through even the smallest of cracks. If you notice a trail of ants marching through your home this winter, don’t wait to call the ant and pest control pros here at Tri-X Pest Management.


By far the most alarming winter pests in Las Vegas will be rats, mice, and rodents! Rats, which are quite common in Southern Nevada. Rats can generally be found in the attics and crawl spaces in the winter where they can nest and raise their young out of sight. The common signs that you may have a rat infestation include droppings around food packages, signs of chewing on packages and walls, and stale smells coming from hidden areas such as cabinets and crawl spaces.

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